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we will only sell high quality dog products. We pride ouselves in providing high quality products at an affordable price.
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we will only sell high quality dog products. We pride ouselves in providing high quality products at an affordable price.
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Stable Enviroment Reduces Feline Bladder Disease

Feline bladder disease can be avoided or reduced when owners create a cat-friendly environment in the home, according to research at Ohio State University (Columbus).

The disease, also known as interstitial cystitis, is characterized by frequent urina­tion, pain, blood in urine and accidents outside the litter box. Cats with the disor­der have a problem with their nervous sys­tem and often react abnormally to drastic changes in routine.

We may not realize how sensitive our cat is to something as simple as moving furniture around the room or having com­pany over for dinner, said Tony Buffington, D.V.M., a specialist in feline urinary disorders at the university's College of Veterinary Medicine and the lead researcher for the study.

 Cat by the window on a tree perches

Cats are creatures of habit, and they depend on us to keep their surroundings stable and safe.

To prevent, reduce and manage their cat's uncontrolled urination, owners can make their pet's environment more stable by establishing a regular feeding routine, creating a safe and quiet place for food and water bowls, cleaning the litter box daily and creating a high perch that allows pets to look out a window.

Interstitial cystitis afflicts approximately 1.5 percent of cats who are seen by veteri­narians. In two out of three cases, the cause of these symptoms is not known, according to Buffington. However, stress seems to trigger episodes of the disease.

Cat owners may take these behaviors as signs that their cat is angry with them, but cats are not spiteful. Their reaction is actually a plea for help. Unresolved, the disorder can worsen, with many cats being put to sleep in the veteri­narian's office or sadly, in many cases, in animal shelters, where anxious owners abandon them.

According to veterinary researchers, 3 million indoor cats are euthanized in U.S. animal shelters each year, many of them because frustrated owners are unable to cope with their cats' urinary problems.

Medications can help, but generally only after pets' environment has been altered to provide stability.

For more information about creating a suitable home environment for cats, own­ers can visit the Indoor Cat Initiative Web site at

Two Persian Cats